The payment experience just got better

With so many new ways to pay, Visa Sensory Branding brings consistency and confidence to the payment experience for approved Visa transactions.

What is sensory branding?

Visa Sensory Branding is a suite of digital brand elements that uses animation, sound and haptic vibration where applicable to signal that a Visa transaction is approved.
A smartwatch, a laptop, a smartphone, and a sales terminal all showing a circle with a checkmark in it and the word Approved below.

What to expect during transactions

After an approved Visa transaction, the consumer may experience a sound, an animation and, for enabled devices such as smartphones, a haptic vibration. In a world of new payment technologies, these signals help consumers feel confident when they pay using Visa.¹

The payment experience is changing

The sensory experience provides an extra layer of confirmation for approved Visa transactions.
Security represented by lock illustration.


Shop with confidence. Visa Sensory Branding signals, secure, approved Visa transactions.
Speed represented by stopwatch illustration.


Enjoy the convenience of quick purchases. The Visa Sensory Branding experience is less than a second in length.¹
Trust represented by shield illustration.


Be assured when making payments through Visa’s reliable global network.